Evaluation Criteria

Content, Context, Connect and Communication - these are the 4Cs on which The PoleStar Journalism Awards are designed and are the basis on which the nominations are evaluated every year by an independent and distinguished panel of jury members.

  • Content: Richness, In-depth & Insightful Message, Research.
  • Context: Relevance, Comprehensive Perspective.
  • Connect: Engagement, Message Flow.
  • Communication: Reflective, Recall.

What are the parameters for judging an entry?

  • The PoleStar jury makes its judgment based on the nominated stories only. It reserves the right to accept or reject nominations.

The nominated article is then rated on a scale of 1 - 10 by the jury based on the following parameters:

Subject / Domain Knowledge

  • How well does the journalist know the subject of the story.

Writing / Presentation Style

  • Each member of the jury is presented with a copy of the story. The jury reads through it and looks for specific attributes like the presentation of facts, writing style, use of diagrams/charts/other pictorial depictions, simplicity of language and logical flow of thoughts.
  • Each article is judged on the time of its release to ascertain, specifically, its relevance and importance at that point in time.
  • The criteria listed above have been derived, based on a general pattern that has emerged over the years.
  • Based on the entries, the jury may also develop more relevant criterion, which may directly impact the decision-making procedure.

How well is the feature presented?

  • This would depend upon the personal perceptions of the jury towards each article.
  • Quality of research, accuracy of forecast and other related factors will be taken into account.
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